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Our Factory
You safer, we safer, all safer.

More Than 10 Years of Anti-fog Product Innovation
Our Past
WeeSafer was founded in 2010 to develop and market more effective anti-fog and waterproof film for commercial and industrial products. Initially started in China's domestic market with big success, and then we began to go abroad, the international market. And broaden our products lines, and strengthen our reputation as the pioneering champion of anti-fog and waterproof films performance. Our products bread includes innovative anti-fog film and the waterproof film also anti-glare film etc, which can be widely used in commercial freezer doors, other transparent substrates such as polycarbonate in ski goggle lenses. HiSaferĀ® Anti-Fog film is also produced in semi-rigid sheets for applications such as motorcycle helmet visors, dual-lens ski goggles, and safety visors, UAE cameras. We take a collaborative approach to specific customer needs in condensation management with HiSaferĀ® patented anti-fog technology.

In 2010, WeeSafer starts to study the anti-fog technology which is not anti-fog coating but anti-fog itself can be used in a variety of applications from motorcycle helmets and automotive parts to drones cameras. After achieving a big success in China's domestic market because of the amazing anti-fog performance materials, we aim to the international anti-fog business for multiple industries including agriculture, automotive, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle cameras, face recognition field, building and civil engineering, electronics, energy, healthcare and also packaging, etc.

Our Present
Combining and leveraging these expanded resources accelerates our ability to develop best-in-class products and bring them to the international market rapidly and globally. The objective is to provide comprehensive anti-fog solutions, powered by innovation and delivered at stealth speed to help our customers maintain a competitive edge. You safer, wee safer, all safer.

Our Future
Going forward, our strategic business initiatives center on bringing a full-service approach to the development of innovative anti-fog technology. Embraced by world-class technical support, we aim to raise the bar on enhancing the performance and durability of products at unprecedented levels. Ultimately, our goal is to collective generate cutting-edge technologies and products, growing as a company the contributes to society for decades to come.
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